This year’s young artist’s travel diary from Taiwan

The 9th of November we, Inga-Wiktoria and Karoline, started the journey to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. My day started with rescheduled flights due snowstorms in the North and the stress of not knowing if I would arrive in time for all the other flights. Running from gates to gates, getting lost on airports and at last ending at the right gate with a short breath was an experience. I felt lucky for being asked by Karoline and Riddu Riđđu to join her on the trip to Taiwan to attend an art festival called Pulima. Even though the day started with a rush it all ended with meeting up with Karoline in Taipei and lovely Lovenose who showed us local Taiwanese food as soon as we arrived. Splendid!


Posing with the very tall «Tall Bear», the official mascot of Kaohsiung city.

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