Meet our festival volunteers!

Riddu Riđđu has over 200 volunteers, but who are they?

The twins Mona and Inger Fossli are from Arendal in southern Norway. They drove all the way to be at the Riddu festival.

– We kind of fell in love with the festival last year, so we had to come back.

Riddu Riđđu_2017_frivillig_Photo_Ørjan_Bertelsen

Mona and Inger Fossli. Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen

They have both volunteered at the children’s festival, where they have helped with the horse riding activities.

– We’ve really looked forward to being with the horses, but also the concerts, and meeting people we met last year. And to just be here, because we like it so much.

Riddu Riđđu_2017_frivillig_Photo_Ørjan_Bertelsen

Photo: Ørjan_Bertelsen

The volunteer tent is a popular place for a break. A group of German volunteers are having breakfast together, but are happy to talk to the blog crew. They are on a bicycle holiday in Northern Norway. One of them googled Tromsø. They came across Riddu Riđđu, and came here to volunteer.

Foto: Daniel Skog,

Foto: Daniel Skog,

– We came here three days ago, so we have seen the festival grow and get ready.

By the parking are three security guards who have been here many times before; Maren Inger Marit Baal, Sindre Furuseth and Inger Vatne.

– We come here to meet people, Inger says. – Actually that’s more important to me than the music.


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